Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning – 5 Commonly Believed Fallacies

There are many people around who hold strong beliefs about carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning, that are simply fallacious. These people are not to be blamed however, because these beliefs are quite common and have been propagated widely over the years, sometimes by recognized and established carpet cleaners.

Let us now examine 5 commonly believed fallacies, and debunk the myths.

1. One carpet cleaning method is as good as any other.

There are indeed many carpet cleaning methods used by a wide spectrum of carpet cleaners. The dry cleaning methods employ dry foam, powdered chemicals, carbonation, buffing or shampooing, and leaves the carpet relatively dry. This helps to avoid the problems usually associated with deep cleaning by hot water extraction, which if not done properly, can leave the carpet so wet, that it smells bad and enhances the growth and development of mold. Carpet manufacturers however, hardly ever recommend these dry cleaning methods. They recommend cleaning by hot water extraction from a truck mounted machine, in order to meet their warranty requirements. With modern equipment and enhanced procedures, the carpet can be fully dry relatively quickly, after hot water extraction. This method is superior to any other currently being used.

2. You should wait as long as possible before cleaning your carpet.

This was not a bad idea long ago before 5th generation nylon carpet was developed, and when cleaning was done with harsh, highly alkaline chemicals that left a soapy residue and re-soiled quickly afterwards. The cleaning machines were not as efficient either, and cleaning technology was more primitive. Nowadays, with the evolution of highly efficient equipment, chemicals and procedures, every competent professional in the business knows how to avoid these problems.

3. You should only clean carpet and upholstery when they look dirty.

This is not a good idea. All fabric need to be cleaned often since they naturally collect dirt. Many times, most of this dirt cannot be seen easily, but contaminants, allergens and extreme soil can build up and cause health problems, and also damage to the fabric. That is why the manufacturers recommend carpet cleaning by hot water extraction at least annually.

4. Bleach is good for removing stains.

No. Do not use bleach on your carpet. Beach will remove the color.

Most bleaches are oxidizing agents and are sometimes referred to as strippers. They act by transferring oxygen, and sometimes other halogens, to the material and actually changing the property of the material and removing the color. Sometimes a well-trained professional can use it with care to successfully remove a stain that will not come out by any other method, but leave this to the professionals. Otherwise be prepared to pay dearly to re-color or patch the spot.

5. There is a magical space-age stain remover that will take out any spot or stain from fabric.

Don’t believe that. There is no universal solvent that you can use on your carpet or upholstery safely or effectively. Such a miracle product just does not exist. Professionals know that, and that is why they will carry several different kinds of spotters and stain removers on their truck.

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