3 Essentials to Successful Basement Remodeling

In New York, where the housing crunch runs decades back, extending living space can be a real luxury. One practical way that many homeowners miss to consider is basement remodeling. Undertaking such a project saves your house from the unnecessary breaking down of walls and your pocketbook from the financial burden that a home addition poses. Precision Basement Remodeling of Columbus

When done right, this would surely prove beneficial by affording you and the family more living area to make everyday life simply more enjoyable as well as increasing the value of the property letting you enjoy a recoup on your remodeling investment. So whether you are in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island, or Queens; ensure these 3 essentials to a successful basement remodeling. Precision Basement Remodeling of Columbus

Basement Remodeling Plan

No matter what project you decide to take on, big or small, it is the plan that lays out success from the very beginning. This comes especially important with basement remodeling. Why? It does not qualify for your average renovation work and the job presents a set of unique challenges. With this said, your best and safest way to go about the project is through hiring a qualified contractor unless you are one yourself. Precision Basement Remodeling of Columbus

With one, you will be giving the most value for your money with a completion that is within budget as well as timeframe. Your specification plan should cover everything from the major steps to the littlest of details. Take note of both your needs and wants and discuss with your contractor the best possible ways to achieve them considering your budget and what your basement can accommodate. Precision Basement Remodeling of Columbus

Basement Finish Idea

When it comes to ideas, there are a good number of options that you can explore. But whichever finish you opt to pursue, it is important that the result would complement well with the family’s lifestyle and that the idea will make the best use of the area. One great tip though that may come in handy is that you could take advantage of the ready access to plumbing by adding another bathroom or kitchenette in the plan. Aside from being practical, this an also add more value to your home. Precision Basement Remodeling of Columbus


Originally constructed to not serve as a living area, there are factors that you should look into first to be able to maximize functionality and comfort. It would be best to let your hired contractor or other qualified professionals evaluate the area first to know the extent of problems and the appropriate solutions to implement. Precision Basement Remodeling of Columbus

When it comes to any basement, water and moisture issues can be considered a universal issue faced by homeowners. Other than the obvious signs such as flooding, here are other indications to be wary of: Precision Basement Remodeling of Columbus

damp spots
chalky white residues on your walls
rust on metal surfaces and dry rot on wood
peeling or blistering paint
mold and mildew, from obvious growth to moldy odor. Precision Basement Remodeling of Columbus

Varying levels of moisture or water problems will require different methods of repair and waterproofing. But even if no signs have been spotted, preventive waterproofing should still be in place to ensure a long-lasting basement remodeling finish. Precision Basement Remodeling of Columbus

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